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Our goal is to empower New Brunswickers by making our findings widely available to all. If we can educate our citizens about how capable we are of stimulating our economic growth, we can make a real change.

Together, we will energize our own economy by encouraging each other to support NB companies — when and where it makes sense. That is, when the overall value of quality, service, and price look right to you.

Our research has shown that if New Brunswickers make a 5% shift in procurement towards New Brunswick goods, services, and experiences, it would result in 5,000 or more new jobs for New Brunswickers over the next 5 years.

This isn’t about spending any more money than we already are, but rather shifting our thinking just a little. It is clear that by increasing awareness through clearly identifying NB products and services, we can make it exceptionally easy for our citizens to make conscious purchasing decisions.