New Brunswick is home to a multitude of products and services recognized and in demand the world over. As busy citizens of this province, it’s easy to overlook or forget that innovation, creativity and quality are made right here at home.  We are also a humble bunch that don’t like to toot our own horns.

Excellence NB launched a year ago with a mandate of encouraging New Brunswickers to support local NB companies when it makes sense for them, knowing that a 5% shift in our spending will have a positive impact on our economy.This simple concept is not about spending more money or sacrificing quality. It’s about celebrating local excellence by making an effort to support New Brunswick products and services and in turn driving our economy forward.

The real work starts with each citizen, each business and each government. It requires simple changes in the way we think, the way we buy and the way we sell our products and services.

Several studies have shown that when you buy from a locally owned business, significantly more of your money stays in the province because these businesses buy more goods and services from other local businesses further strengthening the economic base of our entire community.

That’s immediately good for you and your family because it strengthens the economy you live in – keeping more money here to create more jobs, more opportunities and more choices.

By shifting our habits to buying local, it helps to reduce the overall environmental impact caused by transportation of goods. It increases our choices, drives better quality products and helps to keep our communities unique. It also increases support to community groups like your kids’ sports teams because local business owners are heavily invested in the strength of our communities and our quality of life. All of this works to help keep our kids here and help attract new New Brunswickers.

Choosing local is really an investment in your own quality of life, your own future and the future of our children and grandchildren.

During the last year, Excellence NB continued to build a foundation designed to strengthen the local movement. We’ve engaged businesses, consumers and government to consider local whenever and wherever they can. We’ve fostered conversations and sparked dialogue.  These are the first steps towards real change in the way we buy and sell and how thoughtful shifts in our behaviour can benefit every single New Brunswicker.

Made in New Brunswick. Four simple words that mean so much about who made it, where it came from and the pride and commitment to quality in what is raised, grown, created, developed and innovated here.

As Excellence NB celebrates its’ first anniversary, we can’t help but think about the multitude of opportunities that still exist. By considering local first, each of us will benefit from being able to take advantage of these opportunities in a very New Brunswick way. A way that allows us to take control of our own future. A way that ensures that our values are present in everything we do. That’s the New Brunswick way.

Let’s all continue to do our part – for the Love of New Brunswick.

The Excellence NB team


Carol Holmes
Executive Director Excellence NB