Partnership to promote NB grown and produced food and products

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FREDERICTON, NB, February 12, 2019. The Agricultural Alliance of New-Brunswick, and Excellence NB are pleased to announce a partnership to encourage more consumers to chose NB grown and produced food and products.

“We are very pleased for this partnership opportunity towards increasing NB grown and produced food, beverages and other products. Excellence NB recognizes the importance of the local economy and the importance of supporting our New Brunswick farms” says AANB President, Christian Michaud. “We have an amazing agriculture industry with producers who make it their mission everyday to produce safe and high quality food. We need more champions like Excellence NB to continue celebrating the local food movement and showcase the wonderful products our province has to offer.”

The partnership will help to educate New Brunswickers on key benefits of choosing New Brunswick grown and produced products.  The partnership comes as the Alliance launches its public education campaign “Why Local Why Not” which will focus on helping New Brunswickers get to know more about the benefits of locally grown.

“Agriculture prosperity in NB is vital to a healthy and sustainable provincial economy,” says Carol Holmes, Executive Director of Excellence NB.  “Recent recalls have put emphasis on food safety and have many citizens questioning where their food is coming from and how its’ being processed. At the same time we have all this wonderful farm fresh produce and meat grown and raised responsibly in our own backyard. This is an opportunity to promote a vibrant and sustainable local food supply movement. Working with the AANB, we want to bring consumers and farmers together and shine a light on what farm fresh food we can buy right here at home in NB. Consumers can play an important role in this initiative by requesting more local food choices and better local labelling from our supermarket managers.”

Excellence NB collaborates with various groups in the province on economic development initiatives that raise awareness and understanding of the importance of supporting NB companies and that encourage procurement practices that consider local.

The results of an economic impact study commissioned by Jon Manship, Excellence NB’s founder, show that a 5% shift by New Brunswickers to provincially made goods and services would, after 5 years, result in 5000 new full-time equivalent jobs and $2 billion in increased economic activity.

The Alliance has partnered with many associations and the provincial government in the past to promote NB foods and products. It is very encouraging to see that many groups recognize the benefits of supporting our local economy in which creates direct and indirect employment and keep our rural communities vibrant. According to the Anderson Study of Retail economics, local businesses generates 70% more local economic activity versus companies coming from outside the province. The study also found that money spent at a local business generates 3.5 times more economic activity for the local economy versus a chain-owned store. We challenge every New Brunswicker to increase their local and food purchases.

About :

The AANB is the province’s largest general farm organization which promotes the interests of all primary producers and the industry’s sustainability and growth.

Excellence NB is a non-profit, private sector funded organization that is working to build awareness and support of NB made products, services and experiences and to encourage New Brunswickers to consider local companies when making purchases.

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