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In order to validate our own conclusions about the value of shifting New Brunswickers’ unconscious buying habits by even a small percentage, we sought the expertise of two separate economic and research leaders in our region.

With the help of Pierre-Marcel Desjardins, Economist at Université de Moncton, we conducted an economic impact study to determine how an increase in purchases of NB goods, services, and experiences would impact the provincial economy.

Corporate Research Associates – NB Presentation
Economic Impact(PMD) – NB Presentation

The study focused on four variables:

In the short-term, an increase in purchases of New Brunswick goods, services, and experiences by New Brunswickers would generate significant results. Direct sales in year 5 would increase by more than 2 billion dollars – and an additional 9,000 jobs!

We also enlisted Corporate Research Associates Inc. to conduct research among New Brunswick citizens and businesses. We wanted to discern what perceptions already existed about NB products, services, and experiences, while also assessing what understanding there was among New Brunswickers about the possible benefits of buying locally/provincially.

CRA found that when making purchase decisions, where a product is made is generally not a top consideration for NB residents and businesses, at present. They also found that while New Brunswickers are proud of New Brunswick products and services, and consider them to be the same or higher quality than those from away, there is only a moderate awareness of what constitutes “NB-made”. However, both businesses and citizens expressed a recognition of the benefits of choosing New Brunswick products, services, and experiences.

Most New Brunswickers we’ve spoken with appear to think that a 5-7% shift in purchasing is highly achievable and worthwhile, and they are supportive and up for the challenge. Again, they have some recognition of the benefits of buying locally-made products and services, including job creation, growing the economy, and tax revenues to help with social programmes like health care and education.