The Association

Our Vision

Our vision is to work to encourage New Brunswickers to support other NB companies, when and where it makes sense. If we can inspire New Brunswickers to power-up their own economy by consciously choosing products, services, and experiences from local companies it will have a positive impact on our economy. The estimated economic impact of shifting our behaviour by 5% (without spending any more money) is estimated to be over $100 Million in 5 years or less.

As a business you can play a key role in helping power up our economy. By clearly identifying your products as locally made, you’ll make it easier for New Brunswickers to choose to support local. By actively seeking out local suppliers when purchasing for your organization – you can really help move the needle.


Our research has shown that if New Brunswickers make a 5% shift in their buying habits towards New Brunswick goods, services, and experiences, it would result in 5,000+ new jobs for New Brunswickers over the next 5 years.

What does a 5% shift look like?

  • If you buy 20 cases of beer over the course of a year, make one of those a case of delicious New Brunswick beer.
  • When you’re looking to get away for a long weekend, why not a getaway somewhere in our stunningly beautiful province?
  • Choose foods from local suppliers including farmers and NB-owned shops.
  • Choose to dine more regularly at New Brunswick-owned restaurants and cafes.
  • Support local arts and culture events, concerts, and festivals.

If you’re in business 

  • Next time you’re looking to get stationery or promotional products printed for your business, choose a local New Brunswick print shop or supplier.
  • Choose from some of the many wonderful professional services organizations who are based in NB – accountants, marketing agencies, HR firms, law firms, and more.
  • Hire consultants, trainers, and brokers from NB.
  • Encourage your employees to pursue continuing education opportunities at New Brunswick Universities, colleges, and private and institutions.
  • If you’re renovating of developing a commercial property consider choosing a NB construction, architecture, or design firm.

Our Mission

The key to this strategy is its simplicity; It’s not more about spending more money, or about expecting handouts, and it’s certainly not about sacrificing quality. It’s about celebrating local excellence by making an effort to support New Brunswick products, services, and experiences, when and where it makes sense.

There are many New Brunswick products, services and experiences which are world-class, and offer excellent value. Moreover, many New Brunswickers are already well poised to support NB products, services, and experiences with considerable enthusiasm.

The challenge is that most consumers are too often not aware what constitutes “NB-made”, nor are they really sure of the actual benefits of buying local. By increasing awareness through clearly identifying NB products and services, we can shift long-standing unconscious habits of procurement.

For this plan to work, we need to target 4 main groups:

  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Business to Government (B2G)
  • Business to Institution (B2I)

Only through the activation of all four groups can we hope to significantly stimulate our economic growth, increase employment tax revenues, and help build a more robust and sustainable New Brunswick economy.

So support New Brunswick companies, products, and services when it makes sense to you.

Do it For the Love of New Brunswick.